Learn Hangul Game - Read Hangul in 15 min!

The worlds most efficient writing system at your fingertips, learn Korean Hangul of the Korean Language and others with our easy to use and highly efficient games.

Here at DanDani we strive to provide more and more language learning games for everyone to use free of charge.

We will add new features to our Korean learning Games so that you will have an even better experience with the Korean language and the Hangul writing system.

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With the Hangul learning game we provide a multiple choice game to learn hangul fast and easy.

The principle is repitition, so that wrong choices come up again and again until you can achieve higher scores each time you play the hangul learning game and improve in the Korean language.

Our Hangul learning games will give you the opportunity to memorize and understand the characters of the Korean Language in a very short period of time.

Enjoy playing!