Hangul Latin As Initial As Final
G K (King) K (Talk)
GG G (Game) -
N N (Name) -
D T (Tame) D (Had)
DD D (Dream) -
R/L R (Rain) L (Trail)
M M (Man) M (Stem)
B P (Pan) B (Crab)
BB B (Bane) -
S S (Shine) D (Cod)
SS S (Sanguine) D (Cod)
-/NG Silent/Mute NG (Ring)
J CH (Chance) D (Cod)
JJ J (Jade) D (Cod)
CH CH (CHade) D (Cod)
K K (Koala) -
T T (Test) D (Cod)
P P (Peace) B (Hub)
H H (Heal) Silent/Mute


Hangul Latin Sound
A Ah (Harp)
EO O (Orb)
O Oh (Flow)
U OO (Toon)
EU UH (Burn)
I EE (Feed)
AE A (Aid)
E E (Ted)
YA YA (Yard)
YEO YO (Yonder)
YO YO (Yogurt)
YU YOU (You)
YAE YA (Yak)
YE YE (Yeti)
UI OEE (wee)
WA WA (Wand)
WAE WA (Wax)
OE WHE (When)
WO WO (Wonder)
WE WE (Wet)
WI WI (Wind)


1. You have 60 seconds per game.

2. Click the three buttons under the display field to select which character you think is being displayed at the moment.

3. If your answer is correct, you will receive 3 points, if your answer is wrong then you will receive a -5 point penalty.

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Hangul(한글) is the Korean writing system and means "Korean Script" or "Great Script". It consists of 24 Consonants and Vowels that are combined into "houses", fitting up to five characters into one "house".


Hangul was first introduced in 1446 during the Joseon Dynasty(1392 - 1910) under the name Hunmin jeongeum(훈민정음) "The correct sounds for the instruction of the people" after King Sejong decided to replace the Chinese writing System with something that can be used by every Korean without problems.

In its original state, Hangul had 28 characters of whom 24 are used in the modern Korean language. Praised for its efficiency and simplicity, Hangul is one of the most efficient writing systems known to man.

We have created this learn Hangul game to make fast hangul learning possible for everyone, even for those who just started to learn Korean.

Please enjoy our learn Hangul game! If you know Korean Hangul already, then you might want to practice some Korean vocabulary or animals.